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Electric Rain Offers Discount On Swift 3D And Flash MX Bundle

3D and multimedia software company Electric Rain, Inc. hasannounced a software bundling program allowing people who purchaseits 3D-vector graphics tool, Swift 3D, to have the option ofreceiving a discount on Macromedia Flash MX. Electric Rain Swift 3Dis a 3D application for creating low-bandwidth vector animations foruse with Macromedia Flash. Using Electric Rain's proprietary RAViX IIvector rendering engine, Swift 3D files are exported in the SWF fileformat, which then import seamlessly into Macromedia Flash. "Swift 3Dis an application designed for Flash developers, so it makes sensefor us to create bundling programs that offer our customers the bestdeal available for these two complementary products," explained EdWunsch, product manager for Swift 3D. "This bundling deal willprovide substantial discounts to both new and upgrade users who havea need for the highest quality 3D vector graphics application butalso want to own the latest version of Flash. Macromedia has built somany significant features into Flash MX, we want to provide our Swift3D user base with every opportunity to see how well the entire Swift3D product line works with Flash MX." Pricing on the bundle dealsvary, depending on which combination of full version or upgradecustomers order, and is available exclusively through Electric Rain'sWeb site at