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Electric Rain Announces Swift 3D Importer For Macromedia Flash MX

Electric Rain, Inc. has announced an improved solution for incorporating Swift 3D vector animations into projects created in the newly released Macromedia Flash MX. The Swift 3D Importer, which will be accessed through the Macromedia Flash MX menu system, will recognize a new proprietary Swift 3D file format. Currently, the entire Swift 3D product line exports to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format. As a compiled format, SWF files inherently limit the type of 3D information able to be imported into Macromedia Flash. The Swift 3D Importer, along with Electric Rain's new proprietary file format, will provide a more seamless workflow between Swift 3D and Macromedia Flash MX, while allowing Swift 3D to take full advantage of the powerful features and functionality that Macromedia Flash MX offers. The Swift 3D Importer, in conjunction with Electric Rain's RAViX rendering engine, will enable Macromedia Flash designers and developers a new range of 3D design possibilities within their projects. For more information visit