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Electric Fx Releases New Plug-In For After Effects

Vancouver-based Electric FX has released the public beta test of eFX Extract3D, a new effects plug-in for Adobe After Effects. According to Electric FX, the plug-in is designed to integrate 3D information with regular 2D imagery in the desktop compositing workflow, thereby enhancing the ability for visual effects and motion graphics artists to create effects based on a variety of 3D metadata, such as pixel depth (distance from the camera), object identifiers and surface characteristics. The new series of plug-ins is also focused on making it easier and more cost-effective for production houses to achieve integration between Discreet's 3ds max and Adobe After Effects using the RPF file format. eFX Extract3D also works with RPF files created by Maxon's Cinema 4D, plus with RLA files (a precursor to RPF) created by Alias|Wavefront's Maya and other 3D applications. In addition, it allows After Effects artists to make use of the pixel depth information contained in EI/EIZ and PIC/ZPIC files created by Electric Image and Avid's Softimage. Additional eFX Extract3D features offered in After Effects for the first time include automatic calculation of color-mapping black and white points, plus full support for creating 64-bit color images (trillions of colors) directly from 3D channels. eFX Extract3D is available now in a public beta version for US$65. This price is offered for a limited time only. After the release of Version 1.0, eFX Extract3D will be offered at the full retail price of US$95. Participants in the public beta program will receive a free upgrade to Version 1.0 when it is released. To order, go