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EI Technology Releases Electric Image Animation System 5.5

EI Technology Group has launched Electric Image Animation System 5.5, an update to the cross-platform professional 3D animation application. It includes dozens of new features, including caustics, a built-in scripting tool, new shaders, HRDI support, an array of new Animation capabilities, new deformation tools and GrangerFX Plug-in support. The software also features Radiosity, multi-processor support, Match Move, Material Library System, Macromedia Shockwave support, unlimited network rendering, character animation tools, global illumination and more. It runs on Mac OS 9/X. Upgrades from v5.0 are $300 and $500 for other versions.

Originally founded as a visual effects studio in 1987, San Antonio, Texas-based EI Technology Group LLC ( developed a proprietary 3D rendering and animation package to create digital effects for film. After significant recognition for the early efforts, it soon realized that a strong market existed for a lower cost, high-quality 3D rendering and animation platform that rivaled those products found on SGI machines of the time. The EI Animation System (EIAS) was the first desktop 3D package used for motion picture (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY) and television (SPACE RANGERS) special effects.