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Egmont Product & President Palmed Off To Telescreen

Restructuring continues at Egmont Imagination as its president Tom van Waveren follows the company's programming catalog to Telescreen. The Egmont Group sold the media exploitation rights, outside of the Nordic territories, to Palm Plus Multimedia BV, which in turn has handed over the rights to its subsidiary Telescreen, a stable animation player for the past 20 years. The extended Telescreen catalog will now include properties such as LIZZIE MCGUIRE, PAZ, THE FAIRYTALER, HAMILTON MATTRESS, REX THE RUNT, TRACY MCBEAN, SKIPPER & SKEETO and UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BEAR. The former Egmont exec has been appointed director of co-productions at Telescreen, responsible for the identification, development and financing of new high-potential properties. "This addition to our business gives PPM and Telescreen the commercial boost we were seeking," said Ruud van Breugel, PPM president. "Also, the recruitment of Tom van Waveren alongside the addition of the Egmont Imagination catalog further emphasises PPMs increasing focus on in-house property development and production while simultaneously being a great catalyst for the expansion of Telescreens distribution and licensing activities." The Egmont Group announced in September 2002 it would be selling the assets of Egmont Imagination and substantially diminish its production and development infrastructure. For more on Telescreen check out