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Egisys Debuts 3D Brokerage Database To Sell 3D Objects

Germany-based EGISYS AG is set to release its 3D Content Brokerage system later this year. It will be integrated within Curious Labs' Poser and Poser Pro Pack, and also be available as a standalone product. The database targets professional modelers, Web designers, animators, multimedia artists and hobbyists. With the Content Brokerage system, all 3D content and components developed and submitted through the system by individual artists will be available as commercial offerings or shareware to the entire 3D community. In addition to uploading files to the database, contributors will be able to create an account to track content sales, and capture revenue. Users can easily purchase 3D models directly on the Internet from within Poser, or from other 3D tools as additional third-party applications integrate with the database. Registered users will be able to log into the Content Brokerage Portal, search for specific pieces to download and upload their own creations. The database will work with a browser and the prototype Poser client. Users also will be able to make use of Poser scenes as a portal to deliver custom content to NewTek's LightWave, Discreet's 3ds max, e-on's Vue d'Esprit and MAXON's Cinema 4D through the directly integrated Poser Pro Pack plug-ins. "We had great response to the prototype at Siggraph," said Wolfgang Eichner, CEO of EGISYS AG. "The 3D Content Brokerage system allows Poser users to not only upload their 3D components to the content server directly from within Poser, but also access a searchable content database for new 3D objects. This integrated 3D database is an entirely new concept, which will greatly benefit the community." Future versions of the EGISYS 3D Content Brokerage database will expand to include movements or motion-capture data, speech simulations, mimics and gestures, pose files or even scripts.