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Editing Concepts Paces Super Hero Spot For Kids Footlocker

Editing Concepts Jesse Reisner combined live-action and graphics for two new 30-second spots for a new Kids Footlocker campaign. In "Super Hero," star Captain Velocity is going through his morning routine, until his emergency phone rings and he zooms off leaving a trail of smoke behind. In "Street Ball," city teens gather for an intense game of basketball, while a series of graphics pop-up to note the difference between the game as they play it and how basketball is played in a gym. "We knew going in that the graphics would play a huge role in the spot," said Reisner. "I had to pick scenes that worked best but also leave enough room in the shot for the action and the graphic to fit comfortably on the screen." The commercials were produced for The Geppetto Group, NYC.

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