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Editing Concepts' Jesse Reisner Slows Time For Pillsbury

Editing Concepts' Jesse Reisner just finished editing a new spot entitled "Takes It Slow," a new 30-second spot for Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. In the spot, time slows down when a teenager takes a moment to savor a Toaster Strudel before heading off to school. Reisner softened colors, silenced sounds and let the final piece of the tasty food hang in the air before hitting the kids mouth. "This project was all about pacing," said Reisner. "It starts out fast and frantic, then everything slows down when the toaster pops. There are lots of subtleties, some speed up slightly, some slow down. It's not just fast then slow. We used a technique I had never worked with before called 'skip bleach,' which entails not adding a certain bleach to the film during the film to tape transfer, which gives the visuals a silvery tone. It's only used in the opening but it helps to accentuate the difference between the hectic morning and slower paced strudel eating scene." The editing services were commissioned by ad agency, The Geppetto Group.

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