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eDIT 13 Releases Details

eDIT 13. Filmmaker's Festival will take place September 26th to 28th 2010 in Frankfurt am Main.

Press Release from eDIT 13

eDIT 13. Filmmaker's Festival will take place September 26th to 28th 2010 in Frankfurt am Main.

Eva Kühne-Hörmann, Hessian Minister for Science and the Arts, is the festival's patron. Rolf Krämer has been appointed festival director, while Co-Director Tom Atkin remains American representative of the festival.

In addition to more than 40 professional symposiums and presentations on the state of the art of filmmaking by international experts for colleague film makers, eDIT: eDucation for newcomers, the Best of FilmFestival, as well as parties and receptions make up the festival. Program foci are visual effects, animation, cinematography, editing and general production. The detailed program is online soon.

Also new: The Festival is at Facebook, be invited to join.

A.C.E. & IMAGO: editing and cinematography in festival-focus

eDIT Filmmaker's Festival continues the successful co-operation with two leading international filmmaker’s organisations A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors) and IMAGO – European Federation of Cinematographers.

The partners contribute high-end presentations on editing and cinematography.  NB: All members of A.C.E. and IMAGO are entitled to 50% rebate on all festival-tickets.

"The objectives and purposes of the AMERICAN CINEMA EDITORS are to advance the art and science of the editing profession - the eDIT filmmaker's festival provides a perfect platform to pursuing these aims", says Randy Roberts, President of ACE. "We especially appreciate the cross-over approach of the festival. It enables us to exchange with film professionals from other areas. This enhances our mutual understanding of what we need to do in co-operation.

Also, the popular German vdw-award (for commercials) will again partner with the Filmmaker's Festival. And for the very first time, the film festivals of Hessen will present a unified shorts program.

Find out more:

To all up to 30! eDward – film competition: 30 seconds on WATER

eDward - The Young Filmmaker's Award is the international film-competition for young talents by eDIT 13. Filmmaker's Festival.

Make a film on WATER.

Prove your talent and creativity with a 30-second-film on WATER and win prizes in a total of 4.000 Euro. The competition is open to young filmmakers up to 30. Students, agency juniors and free film-creatives especially worldwide are called to take part individually or in teams.

Develop your own water story. Share your views on water. What is it? Why do we need it? What can it mean to us? How can we save it? What is at stake if we don't? We want stories that capture the fundamental meaning of water. Rules, details and forms:

After the festival is before the festival – the completely remodeled eDIT 13. Filmmaker's Festival website will continuously present features and information on filmmaking in the digital age.

Here you'll find interviews with some of the most influential contemporary filmmakers and festival guests of the past year, such as: Chris Dickens, A.C.E., "On editing", Stefen Fangmeier about current challenges in visual effects production, Ray Harryhausen about stop motion or… you'll see.

In addition, contributions by upcoming festival speakers and partners on issues such as 3D-production, innovative camera technology, editing or animation are to be featured. So, the Filmmaker's Festival's themes will be continued, discussed and prepared all year long.

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eDIT 13. Filmmaker's Festival 26. – 28. September 2010 in Frankfurt am Main

Under the patronage of Eva Kühne-Hörmann, Hessian Minister for Science andthe Arts, is presented by the State of Hesse, the Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting and New Media (LPR Hessen) and the city of Frankfurt am Main.

Imprint: Festival Office c/o Luna Park 64, Niddastraße 64, D-60329 Frankfurt am Main.

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