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Edgar & Ellen to Receive Major Marketing Push

Star Farms EDGAR & ELLEN is poised to break out in a panoply of merchandising in the coming months, according to KIDSCREEN. Port Chester, New York-based licensing agency Lisa Marks & Associates has lined up a battalion of licensees and partners for a highly visible campaign that will begin with a promotion at a major US retailer in September. Among the rollouts to follow in 2008 are products from Lionsgate (DVDs), Activision (video games), Ballzout (T-shirts, denim and fleece), Keyser Kosmetics (bath and body), Recycled Greetings (stationery) and a major toy deal with Sababa Toys.

The push coincides with EDGAR & ELLENs transition from a series of shorts to long form in October. The expanded show will debut on Nicktoons US, and deals have been signed with broadcasters in more than 40 countries. Meanwhile EDGAR & ELLEN's first six-book series has sold more than 425,000 copies, and six more books are scheduled for publication through 2008.

After the initial launch, the eponymous Lisa Marks expects the program to go even wider in 2009, with second-tier categories including mobile.