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e-on Software Ships Vue 11.5

e-on announces the availability of Vue 11.5 xStream and Infinite.


Beaverton, OR -- e-on software announced the immediate availability of Vue 11.5 xStream and Infinite, the latest production-driven version of its professional solutions for the creation, animation and rendering of natural 3D environments.

Specifically designed for graphics professionals, Vue xStream and Vue Infinite combine a multitude of cutting edge features that easily integrate into existing production pipelines. Vue Infinite operates as a standalone application while Vue xStream works seamlessly inside 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave and Cinema4D.

The Vue 11.5 feature set was designed according to the most recent production feedback from e-on software's users. E-on software performed an analysis of the product's usability and ergonomics which resulted in many feature and interface optimizations, leading to a better, faster and more streamlined workflow.

Release 11.5 of Vue also adds a number of important new features, including:

  • EcoCollision: Introduced with Vue 11, the revolutionary EcoParticle technology can nowmake EcoParticles collide with EcoSystem instances. This also works withVue 11's Rain and Snow weather effects.
  • Render Stack Improvements: Many improvements have been added to the Render Stacksuch as flipping renders horizontally, merging render areas, reloadingcamera settings or setting stacks per scene.
  • Improved Material Management: The material summary was redesigned for improveddisplay and manipulations of all materials in the scene. Materialmanagement from the World Browser also received several productivityenhancements.
  • Color Input/Ouput Function in the Post Render Options: A new Color ChannelEditor (Color curves) is available from the Post Render Options, allowingdirect and precise color adjustment directly in Vue.
  • World Browser Improvements: Many productivity enhancements were added to the worldbrowser such as massive responsiveness gain thanks to internaloptimization and new display options for materials, objects and layers.
  • Camera Management Improvements: Camera attributes can be frozen to avoid any unwantedmodification to camera animation paths. Camera can also be saved andreloaded as Vue objects files.
  • RenderNode GI Prepass-only Rendering: The Vue 11.5RenderNodes can be set to only render the GI pre-pass and save it forfuture use allowing major gain in network rendering time.
  • And more...

More information on the new features of Vue 11.5 is available online at and

Source: e-on software

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