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DVD Unmasking

SON OF THE MASK got its DVD release May 17, 2005 along with a remastered version of the manic Jim Carrey original from 1994 (New Line Home Ent., $27.95 and $19.97) with new bonus features. Jamie Kennedy stars in the sequel about an aspiring animator who dons the ancient mask and becomes an animated Tex Avery/Chuck Jones-inspired creation, along with his dog and infant son when they get a hold of the mask. Directed by Lawrence Guterman (CATS & DOGS), SON contains loads of CGI and assorted vfx by ILM, Digital Dimension, Tippett Studio and Keith Vanderlaans Captive Audience Prods. THE MASK, meanwhile, contained vfx by ILM and DreamQuest.

SON OF THE MASK bonus features include:* Commentary with director Lawrence Guterman and writer Lance Khazei* Deleted Scenes (with optional director commentary)* Creating SON OF THE MASK: Digital Diapers and Dog Bytes featurette* Storyboard and conceptual art gallery

THE MASK new bonus features include:* Introducing Cameron Diaz featurette* What Makes Fido Run featurette* Cartoon Logic featurette* Return to Edge City featurette* Audio essay (commentary) #1 with filmmakers and New Line Cinema's Bob Shaye* Audio essay (commentary) #2 with director Chuck Russell* Deleted scenes