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DVD Spotlight on Tom and Jerry

TOM AND JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION THE PREMIERE VOLUME (Warner Home Video, $26.99) streets Oct. 26, 2004, with 40 of their very best cartoons from 43-56 in the two-disc set, including all of their Oscar winners and three CinemaScope entries. However, be forewarned: three of the shorts on disc one are edited: THE MILKY WAIF, THE TRUCE HURTS and THE LITTLE ORPHAN. WHV said the snafu was unintentional and will be putting out replacement discs very soon at no extra cost. Details to come.

The cat-and-mouse team was the brainchild, of course, of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, but Friz Freleng, Tex Avery and Chuck Jones all got into the act. There are two docs: one devoted to how Hanna-Barbera created Tom and Jerry and developed them and the other focusing on MGM Cartoons composer Scott Bradley, who created the distinct musical accompaniment for these two animated marvels.

Other bonus features include:* Commentary by Jerry Beck on: THE ZOOT CAT, KITTY FOILED, HEAVENLY PUSS* Jerry Dances with Gene Kelly (excerpt from ANCHORS AWEIGH)* Tom and Jerry Swim with Esther Williams (excerpt from DANGEROUS WHEN WET)