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DVD Releases For March 18

Season Three of BSG On DVD Today

The adventure of one of television's finest dramas continues with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON THREE from the immensely popular SCI FI Channel series, the Peabody Award-winning BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

The Colonies' survivors have found their hopes of eluding their Cylon pursuers dashed by an invasion and occupation of their new home. As the fate of all human life hangs in the balance, friends become enemies, enemies become unexpected allies, and decisions are made that will haunt some people for the rest of their lives.

Relive all 20 episodes of the season that challenges everything you thought you knew about the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA universe.

Presented in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, the 6-disc set features over 15 hours of extensive special features, including the DVD exclusive extended version of the episode "Unfinished Business" containing 25 additional minutes of never-before-seen footage.

With over 15 hours of special features presented in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, this thrilling season is a must own for any Battlestar fan.

BONUS FEATURES: The Battlestar Galactica: Season Three DVD is loaded with extras highlighted by an extended DVD exclusive version of the pivotal episode, "Unfinished Business" containing an additional 25 minutes of footage, insightful behind-the-scenes commentaries by series creator Ronald Moore and executive producer David Eick, and over 20 deleted scenes.

Disc 1Deleted scenes from episodes "Occupation," "Precipice," "Exodus."Ronald Moore's podcast commentaries

Disc 2Deleted scenes from episodes "Collaborators," "Torn," "A Measure of Salvation."Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance WebisodesDavid Eick's video blogs for episodes "Testimonials," "Who Dies," "Prosthetics," "Lucy and David," "Introducing Bulldog."Ronald Moore's podcast commentaries for episodes "Collaborators," "Torn," "A Measure of Salvation."

Disc 3Deleted scenes from episode "Hero."Commentary with Executive Producer David Eick on "Hero."David Eick video blogs for episodes "Characters," "Adama on Adama," "On the Road," "Episode 6 Read Through," "Steve McNutt Gets a Video Blog," "The Soldier's Code: Leave No Man Behind."Ronald Moore's podcast commentaries for episodes "Hero," "Unfinished Business with Grace Park," "Tahmoh Penikett."

Disc 4Deleted scenes from episodes "The Passage," "The Eye of Jupiter," "Rapture," "Taking a Break from All Your Worries."Ronald Moore's podcast commentaries for "The Passage," "The Eye of Jupiter," "Rapture," "Taking a Break from All Your Worries."

Disc 5:Deleted scenes from episodes "The Woman King," "A Day in the Life," "Dirty Hands," "Maelstrom."Ronald Moore's podcast commentaries for "The Woman Kind," "A Day in the Life," Dirty Hands, "Maelstrom."

Disc 6:Deleted scenes from episodes "The Son Also Rises," "Crossroads Parts 1 and 2."Ronald Moore's podcast for "The Son Also Rises" (with actor Mark Shappard and writer Michael Angeli),"Crossroads Parts 1 and 2."David Eick's video blogs for episodes "Takin' A Break From All Your Worries," "On The Road: Part 2," "Some Guy Named Colin," "Building a Better Show," "Katee's Scrapbook," "Shooting."

I Am Legend On DVD Today

Is the last man on earth really alone? Find out on March 18 when I AM LEGEND arrives onto Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Home Video. This intense, action-packed thrill ride follows the sole survivor of a viral apocalypse and his daily struggle in the face of an unimaginable reality.

VFX was by Sony Pictures Imageworks, whose animated work is additionally on display in the alternate ending that didn't test well during marketing.

Will Smith delivers a commanding performance as Robert Neville, Manhattan's solitary survivor after a devastating virus eradicates the population's majority and turns the remaining few into deadly, mutated hunters. After losing everything he knows and loves, Neville's singular focus is to find a cure for the infection, regardless of the deadly risks at every turn.

Francis Lawrence (CONSTANTINE) directs this talented cast that includes two-time Academy Award Nominee Will Smith (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, ALI), Alice Braga (LOWER CITY, Upcoming CROSSING OVER) and introduces talented newcomer Willow Smith as Marley Neville.

I AM LEGEND will be available on single disc in widescreen and full screen formats for $28.98 SRP and on Blu-ray disc for $35.99 SRP.

I AM LEGEND will also be available in 2-Disc Special Edition for $34.99 SRP.

DVD Elements:Single Disc WS and Single Disc FS: Theatrical Feature Film, EC: Animated Comics, ROM Link for Additional Exciting EC Online

2-Disc Special Edition:Disc 1: Theatrical Feature Film, EC: Animated Comics, ROM Link for Additional Exciting EC OnlineDisc 2: Alternate Version of the Film, Digital Copy (Theatrical Version)

BD:Theatrical Feature Film, Alternate Version of the Film, EC: Animated Comics, EC: Cautionary Tale, EC: Creating I Am Legend

The HD DVD Combo format will be available on April 8 for $35.99 SRP.

HD DVD Combo:DVD 9 SD:Theatrical Version of the Film, EC: Animated Comics, ROM Link for Additional Exciting EC Online (Cautionary Tale, Creating I Am Legend).

HD-DVD Side:Theatrical Feature Film, Alternate Version of the Film.

Enchanted On DVD Today

An acclaimed new Disney classic with a hilarious twist casts a heartwarming spell when ENCHANTED comes to stunning Blu-ray High Definition and DVD on March 18 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Shining a witty and charming new light on a beloved genre, ENCHANTED is a modern day musical fairytale filled with uproarious surprises that the entire family will enjoy.

Both the Blu-ray Disc and DVD boast a vast kingdom of entertaining bonus features, including the trivia based BD-Java feature "The D-Files" available only on Blu-ray Disc.

ENCHANTED contains vfx from Tippett Studio along with 2D-animated bookends from James Baxter Animation.

ENCHANTED cleverly combines a heartfelt romance with a gentle spoof of Disney films of the past as an animated heroine from a far away kingdom finds herself transformed into a real live woman in bustling New York City.

Academy Award nominee Amy Adams (2005 nominee for Best Supporting Actress; JUNEBUG) leads an all-star cast as the lovely Giselle, a storybook princess-to-be lost in the Big Apple.

Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon (1996 winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role; DEAD MAN WALKING) plays the evil sorceress Narissa who exiles Giselle from her fairytale kingdom and James Marsden (HAIRSPRAY) is her handsome prince.

Patrick Dempsey (GREY'S ANATOMY) is a contemporary knight in shining armor and Tony Award winner Idina Menzel (2004 winner for Best Leading Actress in a Musical; WICKED) is his girlfriend Nancy who suspects Giselle might just be a little too good to be true.

The film features dazzling animation sequences, spectacular costumes and unforgettable songs by award winning composers Alan Menken (ALADDIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) and Stephen Schwartz (POCAHONTAS, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME).

ENCHANTED begins in the animated fairytale land of Andalasia where the charming and perky Giselle (Amy Adams) instantly captures the heart of the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden).

Desperate to keep the young lovers apart in order to preserve her control of the throne, the prince's evil mother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) transports Giselle from her whimsical homeland to the worst place she can think of -- Times Square.

Suddenly transformed from animated beauty into flesh and blood girl, the comely lass twirls her way through the urban jungle, blissfully unaware that dreams don't always come true.

Rescued from the streets by divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey), who suspects she'd be better off in Bellevue, and pursued by Edward, who finds that a sword is useless against a modern day dragon -- er, make that city bus -- the eternally optimistic Giselle starts to wonder if "happily ever after" is what she really wants.

Pucca On Jetix On DVD Today

On March 18, PUCCA - NINJAS LOVE NOODLES and PUCCA - KUNG FU KISSES arrive on DVD, courtesy of Shout! Factory.

As seen on the Jetix block of shows on Toon Disney, these two discs are an unexpected mix of martial arts, Chinese food and comedic quests in the pursuit of love.

Pucca is an animated series by South Korean company Vooz Character Systems.It started as a series of online flash episodes called "Funny Love." Pucca is the young daughter of Chinese noodles house owners and is hopelessly in love with the ninja Garu. He tries desperately to avoid Pucca's advances and usually does not return her affection. This results in high comedy as Pucca goes to great lengths to steal a kiss from Garu.

It airs daily in the Jetix block of Toon Disney with DIGIMON, POWER RANGERS, LILO & STITCH and more. Pucca is perfect for boys and girls ages 7-13.

Shout! Factory, in conjunction with Jetix, is releasing two single DVDs simultaneously on March 18, each containing 13 episodes.

PUCCA - NINJAS LOVE NOODLES - A wonderfully weird mix of comedy, kung fu combat and kissing. Special features include a collection of Pucca bumpers. Also has limited-edition ninja license inside.

PUCCA - KUNG FU KISSES - An unexpected mix of martial arts, Chinese food and comedic quests in the pursuit of love. Special features include a link to a Pucca video game. Also includes a collectible sticker packed inside.

Season One Of Bionic Woman On DVD Today

Join one of TV's most stunning breakout heroines as the action-packed series BIONIC WOMAN leaps on to DVD March 18.

From executive producer David Eick (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) comes this gripping re-imagining of the universally beloved character. Jamie Sommers is a hard-working woman struggling to take care of her younger sister. But after a serious, life-threatening accident, Jamie is saved by a top-secret procedure that makes her much more than just an ordinary woman , it makes her superhumanly bionic.

BIONIC WOMAN stars newcomer Michelle Ryan, as well as Miguel Ferrer (CROSSING JORDAN), Molly Price (THIRD WATCH), Will Yun Lee (WITCHBLADE), Lucy Kate Hale (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER), and guest stars Isaiah Washington (GREY'S ANATOMY) and Katee Sackhoff (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA).

Bonus content includes pilot commentary with Executive Producer David Eick, "Real Life Bionics," "The Making of the Car Crash," "The Stunts" and "Profiles."

Justice League: The New Frontier On DVD Today

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER is saving humanity for the very first time. Based on Darwyn Cooke's award-winning graphic novel, this thrilling adventure reveals the origin of the Justice League. With Cold War paranoia putting Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman under government suspicion, only the gravest threat imaginable can force these heroes -- along with an army of newcomers including The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter -- to unite in a spectacular showdown to save the world.

The DVD comes in two editions: 2-Disc Special Edition and Single Disc DVD.

Single Disc DVD will feature extras including:

"Super Heroes United! The Complete Justice League History" documentary with a comprehensive 47 year Justice League chronology from the inception in the comics to vivid animated renditions. The story is told with a myriad of interviews tracing back the early days of DC Super Hero team-ups during the Golden Age, to the Silver Age rendition where the established heroes emerged. Interviews include Paul Levitz (President of DC Comics), Dan Didio (SVP Executive Editor at DC), Michael Uslan (Historian), Gregory Noveck (SVP Creative Affairs at DC), Mark Waid (DC Historian and Writer), Mike Friedrich (Writer JLU), Denny O'Neil (Writer and Editor at DC), Mike Carlin (DC Comics Executive Editor), Stan Lee (Marvel Comics Co-Creator) and Marv Wolfman (Writer of FANTASTIC FOUR).

"Sneak Peak: Batman: Gotham Knight" that is one part anime, one part Caped Crusader, the result is a glimpse at the world of Eastern anime sensibilities combined with a Western tradition of Batman. A detailed look at the world of Warner Bros. Animation, and how they joined forces with the renowned Japanese animators to create the highly anticipated anime film of 2008.

DVD features include audio commentaries from New Frontier filmmakers and comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke.

The 2-Disc Special Edition includes more extras:

"The Legion of Doom: The Pathology of the Super Villain" documentary that examines the early mythological archetypes of nemesis characters from a historical perspective, and see how the tenants of this rich history were adapted and woven into the JUSTICE LEAGUE stories. The bonus feature includes many of the talent included on "Super Heroes United!" as well as Jim Kreuger (Writer of JUSTICE).

"Comic Book Commentary: Homage to the New Frontier" documentary that is a nod to the fans of the NEW FRONTIER comic book. This featurette further expands the themes contained in the source material, and how these elements were truncated or evolved for the inclusion in the film. Featuring vivid imagery culled from the pages of the NEW FRONTIER comic, mixed with the commentary from writer and artist Darwyn Cooke.

"JUSTICE LEAGUE Unlimited Bonus Episodes" is Bruce Timm's three favorite episodes from the JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED animated series:

"Dark Heart" - Alien invaders attempt to thwart the Justice League. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of Ray Palmer, aka The Atom.

"To Another Shore" - Wonder Woman learns of a plot to steal the powers of the 3,000-year-old corpse of The Viking Prince. It is up to the Justice League to make things right.

"Task Force X" - Four incarcerated villains are released from prison by Cadmus to undertake an impossible mission: steal a powerful mystic artifact from the JLU Watchtower under the noses of the League.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, The First Season, On DVD Today

The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency is born in this first season of A PUP NAMED SCOOBY DOO, airing in 1988 on ABC. The youthful gang finds all sorts of spooks and monsters in the town of Coolsville including a Cheese Monster, the Headless Skateboarder, and the ghost of mobster Al Kabone. Other mysteries take the gang to a snowy mountain ski resort, an Indian burial ground, and a haunted Comic Book Convention.

The Pebbles And Bamm-Bamm Show On DVD Today

THE PEBBLES AND BAMM-BAMM SHOW follows the hijinks of Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble. Bedrock's favorite tots are now teenagers attending Bedrock High where, not surprisingly, they become embroiled in a variety of misadventures along with their pals Wiggy, Penny, and teen inventor Moonrock.

Other characters include Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Barney and Betty Rubble, Pebbles' rival Cindy with her sidekick Fabian, a motorcycle gang called the Bronto Bunch, and Bad-luck Schleprock.

Pebbles -- much like her father Fred -- is always coming up with "brilliant ideas" that end up getting the gang into some sort of trouble -- and making Bamm-Bamm cringe. Pebbles features the voice of Sally Struthers (ALL IN THE FAMILY) and Bamm-Bamm's voice features Jay North (DENNIS THE MENACE). The DVD is 16 episodes at 22 minutes apiece.

Disc 1 episodes: "Gridiron Girl Trouble," "Putty in Her Hands," "Frog For A Day," "The Golden Voice," "Daddy's Little Helper," "Focus Foolery "Pebble's Big Boast," "The Grand Prix Pebbles."

Disc 2, Side A episodes: "The Terrible Snorkosaurus," "Schleprock's New Image," Coach Pebbles," "No Cash and Carry," "Wooly The Great," "Mayor May Not," "They Went That Away," "The Birthday Present."

Disc 2, Side B Bonus Episodes: (four episodes -- each eight minutes) "Squawkie Talkie," "Suitor Computor," "Beauty and the Beast," "Bedlam in Bedrock."