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DVD Releases For July 1, 2008

Check out VANTAGE POINT and GANGS OF NEW YORK on DVD along with some BOB THE BUILDER and FIREMAN SAM, all out on DVD today.


Miramax's GANGS OF NEW YORK, an epic tale of vengeance and survival, hits harder than ever on Blu-ray on July 1. Directed by Academy Award-winner Martin Scorsese (2006 Best Director for THE DEPARTED) and written by two-time Oscar nominee Jay Cocks (2003 Best Writing for GANGS OF NEW YORK; 1994 Best Writing for THE AGE OF INNOCENCE), this visually stunning motion picture event stars two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis (1989 Best Actor for MY LEFT FOOT; 2007 Best Actor for THERE WILL BE BLOOD), Leonardo Di Caprio (THE DEPARTED; TITANIC) and Cameron Diaz (THE HOLIDAY; IN HER SHOES).

The 2002 film's vfx were by ILM, Custom Film Effects, Corridori G&A Cinematografica, Special Effects Unlimited and Snow Business International.

Scorsese's masterpiece transports you into the tumultuous atmosphere of 1860s New York with phenomenal sound and stunning visual clarity on Blu-ray High-Definition. GANGS OF NEW YORK chronicles a vivid period in New York City's history, when tensions among immigrant groups lead to a dramatic clash of cultures. After years of incarceration, Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon (DiCaprio) returns to lower Manhattan's lawless, corrupt Five Points Section seeking revenge against the rival gang leader Bill "The Butcher" (Day-Lewis) who killed his father. But before long, Amsterdam's personal vendetta becomes part of an erupting wave of full blown gang warfare that explodes out of the television screen with the high definition quality of Blu-ray.

Special Features (In 480i standard definition):

--Commentary from Director Martin Scorsese--"Set Design" featurette--"Exploring The Sets Of GANGS OF NEW YORK" featurette--"History Of The Five Points" featurette--Discovery Channel Special: UNCOVERING THE REAL GANGS OF NEW YORK--"Costume Design" featurette--Music video for U2's THE HANDS THAT BUILT AMERICA--Theatrical trailer, teaser trailer, animated menus and chapter selection


During a historic counter-terrorism summit in Spain, the President of the United States is struck down by an assassin's bullet. Eight strangers have a perfect view of the kill, but what did they really see? As the minutes up to the fatal shot are replayed through the eyes of each witness, the reality of the assassination takes shape. But just when you think you know the answer, the shattering final truth is revealed. From Sony Pictures Home Ent., VANTAGE POINT is a political action-thriller starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (2006 Best Actor, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND), with Sigourney Weaver and Academy Award winner William Hurt (1985 Best Actor, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN).

On the surface that seems like a pretty cut and dry thriller blueprint, one that utilizes a standard in camera shooting style to get the story told, but VANTAGE POINT Visual Effects Supervisor Paddy Eason reveals that if you peel back the layers, there are plenty of vfx surprises.

Eason explains that Rainmaker Visual Effects, with studios in Vancouver and London, (now CIS Vancouver and CIS London) initially approached him to work with them on the film. "Rainmaker had a good relationship with Sony, most recently from work for THE DA VINCI CODE. I was looking for a good show to get involved with, and Rainmaker approached me and asked if I was interested. I read the script and thought it was amazing. Plus, Rainmaker seemed to be going places, and so I jumped at the chance."

Initially, Eason says there were two issues that needed to be smoothed out early on with VANTAGE POINT. One was the fact that it is a low-key political thriller in theme and tone, so visual effects needed to melt into the background. Second was the fact that first time director Pete Travis wasn't even very keen on integrating visual effects into the film at all. "The initial vfx breakdown of the script was driven very much from Rainmaker," Eason explains.

"We offered [Travis] a kind of vfx shopping list, but at that point, I think he wasn't too focused on the vfx. It was his first major feature and I think he was feeling his way in terms of what was possible practically, and what needed to be done digitally. Most, if not all, of the vfx in the film are there for budgetary or safety reasons. It's not a movie that needed any rampaging monsters or spaceships. So if the budget had allowed, I think Pete would have shot everything practically -- the huge crowds, the lunatic car chases, the bombings, everything. It was when he couldn't do something for real; then it went from the shopping list onto the actual vfx budget.

Special Features:

--Surveillance Tapes: Outtakes--An Inside Perspective: Interviews With the Cast & Crew--Plotting an Assassination--Coordinating Chaos: Stunt Featurette--Director Commentary

2-Disc DVD also includes:-- Digital Copy for PC or PSP--Both Widescreen and Full Screen Formats

Blu-ray also includes:--Vantage Viewer: GPS Tracker -- Follow each character's location and vantage point throughout the film.


Just as families head-out for summer vacation, Bob the Builder heads to Bobland Bay to embark on some beach-building fun as Lionsgate and HIT Ent. present the all-new BOB THE BUILDER: LET'S BUILD THE BEACH DVD. Bob the Builder and his machine team are always ready to tackle any project. As they hammer out solutions that lead to a job well done, Bob and the Can-Do Crew demonstrate the power of positive thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and follow-through. Most importantly, from start to finish, the team always shows that "The Fun is Getting It Done!"

--"Lofty's Comet" -- Bob and the team are busy building an observatory. When Lofty climbs a mountain to get a better look at the comet, he gets stuck. Will Lofty get back in time to see it with the others?

--"Spud and the Hotel" -- When the first guests arrive at the Bobland Bay hotel, Spud helps out by doing every job, with chaotic results. When the new manager arrives, Spud is very pleased to go back to the quiet life of a scarecrow.

--"Tumbler's Perfect Promenade" -- Tumbler wants to help design the new promenade, but can't come up with an idea. When some friendly animals leave their tracks in his wet cement the Bobland Bay Walk of Fame is born.

--"Clean as a Whistle Bristle" -- As Bob and the team prepare for the opening ceremony, Bristle, the street-cleaner, arrives to clean the town. When important items are missing Bob puts the clues together and they all point to Bristle. Is he really the culprit?

--"Super-Splasher" -- Splasher, an amphibious vehicle, arrives to take the hotel guests for sight-seeing tours. After a brave water rescue, he becomes known as Super-Splasher. Determined to live up to his new name, he rescues some people who don't need rescuing.

Special features:

--Bonus episode of FIREMAN SAM -- "Danger, Falling Sheep"--Bonus episode of FIFI AND THE FLOWERTOTS -- "Stingo Gets Stuck"


Everyone's favorite hero, Fireman Sam, and his trusted fire brigade demonstrate their courage and bravery in FIREMAN SAM: TO THE RESCUE launching on DVD for the first time ever in the U.S. on July 1, 2008 from Lionsgate and HIT Ent. The ultimate hero next door, Fireman Sam races to the rescue of his friends and colleagues in all sorts of perilous situations. Based in the pleasant Welsh village of Pontypandy, Fireman Sam is a pillar of the community and the hero of every rescue. Whether stuck on a high cliff-face or caught in an underground cave, the children of Pontypandy know help is always close at hand -- thanks to the brave and resourceful Fireman Sam.

The series originally launched in the U.K. and made its U.S. debut on PBS KIDS Sprout in October 2006, and continues to air daily. The only firefighter-themed children's show, it also can be seen in 150 territories around the world in 25 different languages.

Join Fireman Sam, Firefighter Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Basil Steele, Firefighter Penny Morris and Auxiliary Fireman Trevor Evans in these five episodes:

--"Neighborhood Watchout"--"Bathtime for Dusty"--"Fun Run"--"Trouble & Squeak"--"Beast of Pontypandy"