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Dudley Do-Right Creator Dies

Emmy Award-winning writer Chris Hayward, who is best known in the world of animation as the creator of Dudley Do-right, died, after battling a long disease, on Nov. 20, 2006, in Beverly Hills, reports VARIETY. He was 81.

Hayward started his writing career on Jay Ward's CRUSADER RABBIT, which turned into a staff writing gig at Jay Ward Prods. He wrote for ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS and THE BULLWINKLE SHOW, which is where dimwitted Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-Right got his start.

With Allan Burns, Hayward created THE MUNSTERS. The duo would win the Emmy for comedy writing for the series HE AND SHE, which starred Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss. In 1976, he was nominated for writing Emmys for BARNEY MILLER and THE HERO.

In addition, he wrote several episodes of FRACTURED FLICKERS, a series that re-edited classic silent films adding in funny dialogue, as well as episodes of GET SMART, 77 SUNSET STRIP, MY MOTHER THE CAR, THE GOVERNOR AND JJ and ALICE.

He was born in New Jersey and began his entertainment career as a singer and composer.

He is survived by his wife, Linda, and their two daughters and son.

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