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Duck Dodgers Blasts Into New Space Adventures

Daffy Duck takes off for new space adventures as Duck Dodgers in the 24.5 century, a new series Cartoon Network premiered August 23, 2003 at 11:30 am. The hapless duck was accidentally frozen in the 21st century and thawed out 351 years later. The inept but fast-talking duck (voiced by Joe Alaskey) is given command of a ship, assisted by an Eager Young Space Cadet, played by Porky Pig (Joe Bergen), to help Earths Galactic Protectorate stand up to attacks by aliens such as Martian Commander X-2, played by Marvin the Martian (also voiced by Alaskey).

The new series by Warner Bros. Animation faithfully stays true to the characters, direction and comedic takes of the Looney tunes films, and has poured in rich production values and a few 2.5D techniques for a look that shows viewers they have come across a new experience to enjoy. The over-the-top theme song performed by Tom Jones and The Flaming Lips should be enjoyed by the young but fully appreciated by older generations.

Creators/supervising producer/directors Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone have given Duck Dodgers the level of sophistication families so enjoyed with the WB shorts, with clever references and takes from other space fantasy shows that will fly right past the heads of kids and delight TV buffs. Writers Paul Tini and Tom Minton contribute their well-honed cartoon wit as writer/producers on the series.

Ted Blackman and Mark Whiting provide incredible art direction, aided by a seasoned crew of storyboard, background and character design artists as well as animation timers.

This show definitely needs to be available for a nighttime audience and thankfully Cartoon Network replays it on Fridays at 7:30 pm.