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Drew Tests the Waters at DUCK

Award-winning Illustrator/animator Jeff Drew joins DUCKs roster of directors available for commercial work. Drew is known for numerous animated television spots that have appeared in the New Mexico area, giving the local market a funky twist, as well for several "in-house" animations for Marshall Field's in Chicago. His illustrations have appeared in a number of American magazines, and he recently created a series of posters for the Target Corp., promoting literacy for kids.

Primarily an illustrator in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Drew figured out how to translate his cut and paste style of illustration into animation using the TVI animation program, and created the award-winning animated short film Walk. This film has appeared in numerous festivals around the world, and won the Audience Choice Award for Best Animation at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

DUCK ( produces commercials, music videos and short films. DUCK, formerly Duck Soup Studios, has offered a wide range of services for more than 30 years, including character design, film title design, 2D and 3D animation, digital compositing, digital/traditional ink-and-paint, and live-action integration. Along with Drew, DUCKs roster of directors includes Roger Chouinard, Erik Deutschman, Jeff Drew, John Howley, Nicolas Kang, Brooke Keesling, Steve Kirklys, Peter Ko, Evil Cat Land, Graham Morris, James Murphy, Lane Nakamura, Maureen Selwood, Jeong-A Seong, Shadedbox, Charlene Shih, Steve Sonnenleiter and Paul Vester.