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DreamWorks Rides W/ Max Howard

Veteran animation producer and executive Max Howard has finalized a first-look production deal with DreamWorks. Launching his new production company, Melwood Pictures, Howard will be developing both live-action and animated features. Therefore, he will be stepping down as producer on DreamWorks Pictures' upcoming animated release SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMARRON. Howard came to DreamWorks from Warner Bros. where he served as president of feature animation. During his tenure, the studio produced the award-winning animated feature THE IRON GIANT, as well as QUEST FOR CAMELOT and SPACE JAM. Beginning in 1986, Howard worked with Jeffrey Katzenberg at the Walt Disney Company, when he became the head of the London Animation Studio for the making of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. He relocated to the U.S. in 1988 and was named director of feature animation at the new studio at Walt Disney World in Florida. Later moving up to senior VP, Howard was responsible for the strategic planning and operations for Walt Disney feature animation's three facilities in Los Angeles, Orlando and Paris. "Max is a very talented individual, and I expect great things from his new venture." Katzenberg said. "I am looking forward to collaborating with him on future film projects he will be bringing to DreamWorks." Howard said, "Through this move, Jeffrey has helped me to fulfill a long held dream to run my own production company. To do so while staying within the DreamWorks family is truly the best of both worlds. With SPIRIT well into production -- and looking amazing, I must say -- the timing could not be better, and I am excited to start exploring new pathways in my career."

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