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DreamWorks Goes Over The Hedge

DreamWorks Pictures has enlisted Jim Carrey and Garry Shandling to voice the main characters in its upcoming 3D animated comedy OVER THE HEDGE, based on the comic strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis. OVER THE HEDGE, slated for release in 2005, will be the second computer animated project to be produced entirely at DreamWorks animation studio in Glendale, following the comedy SHARKSLAYER, which is currently in production. Produced by Bonnie Arnold (TOY STORY, TARZAN), OVER THE HEDGE follows the adventures of mischievous raccoon R.J. (Carrey), and his pal, a sensitive turtle named Verne (Shandling) as they learn to co-exist within suburbia. The film will be directed by Tim Johnson (co-director ANTZ), who is currently co-directing DreamWorks' 2D animated action adventure SINBAD, to be released in summer 2003. The OVER THE HEDGE screenplay is being adapted from the comic strip by Len Blum, whose previous writing credits include BEETHOVENS 2ND, STRIPES and MEATBALLS.