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DreamWorks Darling Truly A Global Gladiator

With GLADIATOR opening wider in Europe, the DreamWorks darling finished atop six box office charts. Still reigning in Australia and the U.K., the Roman rampage made another US$2.42 million and $2.95 million respectively. The Australian total for hometown boy Russell Crowes action debut is $10.19 million, while the flick has grossed $16.81 million in Britain. The worldwide wonder had successful premieres in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Hong Kong making over $10 million in the four countries combined. The box office blood bath grossed $4.53 million in Germany, $1.49 million in Italy, $917,901 in Sweden and $341,970 in Hong Kong. In its eighth week atop the charts in Japan, THE GREEN MILE saw cash totaling $688,877. The Oscars best film nominated flick has made $20.8 million in the land of the rising sun, while on the other hand since its debut three weeks ago the Oscar winner AMERICAN BEAUTY has had to settle for second place. So far the tale of American alienation has made $5.63 million in Japan. In its Japanese debut, Toeis animated feature, PINCH RUNNER, finished in 8th place, grossing $228,939. Still holding on in Germany and Australia, STUART LITTLE finished in 3rd and 9th respectively. The radiant rodent slipped from #6 in Australia, grossing $122,483, bringing its Australian cume to $11 million. The car-driving cat-hater rode into 3rd for the second straight week in Germany, grossing another $591,346 and bringing its 5-week German total to $7.12 million. Also appearing on the German charts was POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE at #7. Staying stationary, the kid captivating creatures rolled in an additional $354,926, bringing its cume in Germany to $11.38 million. In a small step up, the Pikachu pic moved from 5th to 4th in Sweden. The Swedish audience rounded up Pokemons to the tune of $73,188, raising its cume there to $917,051. Losing what little steam it had, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT fell from 5th to 7th place in Italy. The MPAA mocker made another $79,002, bringing its Italian cume to $685,443. Box office reports obtained in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

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