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DreamWorks And Hasbro Team To Give Sinbad The Kung-Fu Grip

DreamWorks SKG and Hasbro, Inc. have announced that Hasbro willproduce a line of G.I. JOE Adventure Team figures based on theupcoming DreamWorks animated feature SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVENSEAS, scheduled for release in May 2003. To support the movie, Hasbrowill offer the new line of G.I. JOE Adventure Team featuring Sinbadbattling mythological monsters. The 12" action figure line willinclude Sinbad vs. The Roq, a monstrous bird of prey; Sinbad vs.Serpens, a dragon-like sky serpent; and Sinbad vs. Scorpious, avicious gigantic scorpion. All three adventures will feature thelegendary Kung-Fu Grip, which Hasbro is reintroducing in summer 2002.In SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, the next traditionally animatedfeature from DreamWorks, Sinbad is joined by the beautiful Marina onhis greatest adventure. Together, they must battle Eris, the powerfulgoddess of Chaos to save the fabled Book of Peace and the life ofProteus, Sinbad's friend and rival. SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEASis directed by Tim Johnson and Patrick Gilmore, and produced byMireille Soria. It features the voice talent of Brad Pitt, CatherineZeta-Jones, Joseph Fiennes and Michelle Pfeiffer.