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DRAW!, New How-To Cartooning/Comic Magazine

Debuting in April, TwoMorrows Publishing is launching its new quarterly magazine entitled, DRAW! Edited by Mike Manley, DRAW! is a professional "how-to" magazine for comics artists, cartoonists and animators. The first issue features articles by Dave Gibbons, Jerry Ordway, John Costanza, Shane Glines and many other pros sharing tips and tricks. The magazine will feature demonstrations ranging from penciling and inking techniques to coloring, lettering, storyboarding, Photoshop skills and more. Bret Blevins designed the cover for the first issue. Each issue will feature historical articles on forgotten artists, discussions of tools and techniques, as well as articles on important business issues like negotiating contracts, copyright and trademarks, the Internet and online publishing. Manley said, "While beginners will certainly find DRAW! of interest, we won't be holding anyone's hand. We'll present information on a professional level -- this is not 'How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way.'"

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