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Dravis Partners Up At Monteiro Rose

Jason Dravis has been made partner in the Monteiro Rose Agency, now to be the Monteiro Rose Dravis Agency, Inc. in Encino, California. Dravis joined the agency in 1995 as an assistant and rapidly advanced to agent. Dravis' clients have included Eddie Guzulian (LILO AND STITCH 2, KIM POSSIBLE), Mark Drop (RECESS, LLOYD IN SPACE), Madeline Paxson, (LILO AND STITCH THE SERIES, PEPPERANN), Scott Fellows (FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, NED'S DECLASSIFIED SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE) and Peafur Productions (AAAGH! IT'S THE MR. HELL SHOW, BOUNTY HAMSTER).

Candy Monteiro and Fredda Rose, who founded the agency 17 years ago, said they made Dravis a partner because of his brains, talent and moxy. His new partners said, "He is dauntless in his pursuits, has our client's utmost trust and respect and is a savvy young businessman." The Monteiro Rose Dravis Agency represents writers in film and television with a specialty in animation and also represents Harper Collins children's and young adult books. For more on the agency check out