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Dracco’s 'Filly' Conquers More Territories

Dracco announces a major TV deal with BRB Internacional and Screen 21 to produce and distribute the “Filly” animated series.

Dracco is working on a major TV deal with BRB Internacional and Screen 21 to produce and distribute the Filly animated series. A team of top‐level American writers including Sean Derek have joined the series. Sean Derek is the scripter of animated series so well known such as: The Smurfs, Batman, Zhu Zhu Pets, Pac‐Man ... and winner of many international awards, including several Emmys. The show will consist of 26 episodes of commercial half hours with an extensive, worldwide licensing program backing the property.

Filly will be launched in early 2014 and will tell the adventures of the beautiful Fillys in their fantasy world of magic. The brand is already very strong in Germany, ( #1 girls license in German toys market –NPD‐, #1 best‐selling toy in Germany) and Poland (#2 best‐selling toy in Poland). Many licensees, covering all key categories, are ready to release consumer product worldwide in 2013.

Jacob Andersen, Managing Director at Dracco, says, “The partnership with BRB represents a new era for Dracco, and we are thrilled to bring the Filly brand experience to new markets, new licensees and new platforms. Our commitment to the Filly animated series, in conjunction with BRB and Screen 21, creates new opportunities worldwide for the much loved Filly brand. These opportunities are possible with great partners such as BRB.”

In the own words of Axel Derendorf, Head of International Marketing & Licensing at Dracco, “We are very excited about the quick growth of the company and how fast we are expanding the Filly brand in the worldwide market. This growth enables us to enter the TV production and the TV/audiovisual sales market, which will be a key factor to continue our success.”

Dracco, in collaboration with BRB Internacional, has established an Agency Licensing Agreement for Iberia. BRB will develop a licensing program in Spain and Portugal to make Filly an even greater success in Europe.

Source: Dracco

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