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DPS AniMate Released For dspReality & dpsVelocity

DPS has released their stop-frame animation software DPS AniMate for use with the dpsReality Studio Digital Disk Recorder (SDDR) and dpsVelocity non-linear editing system. DPS AniMate is a software package developed by DPS to enable stop-frame animators to build up animations quickly and easily. DPS AniMate, dpsReality and dpsVelocity can be used as stop-frame video assist or direct-to-disk systems. DPS AniMate was recently made available for the DPS Perception Video Recorder (PVR) and DPS Hollywood Video Recorder, and is in use at Aardman Animations, Cosgrove Hall Productions and many other companies. 35 DPS AniMate/PVR systems were used by Aardman on their first full-length animated film, CHICKEN RUN. "DPS AniMate for the PVR and DPS Hollywood have been the preferred choice of high-end stop-frame animators for a long time," said Peter Kavanagh, special projects manager for DPS Europe. "We're pleased to now make DPS AniMate available to users of our latest products, dpsReality and dpsVelocity."