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The newest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine, covering commercials, ids and music videos, is now online for download.

The newest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine, covering commercials, ids and music videos, is now online for download. This years Hot Spots Showcase curates the best in animated and vfx commercials, music videos and game cinematics from our readers, as well as a special showcase of the best of the best from STASH DVD MAGAZINE. Janet Hetherington takes a look at how and why animation and music videos make beautiful music together. Jim Korkis chronicles Walt Disneys work in commercials during the 1950s when the best-loved ads were animated. Additionally, Karen Raugust finds that TV ads arent going away, but they will evolve as they find their place among a multiplicity of marketing venues.

Moreover, Bob Miller chats with the filmmakers of BARNYARD to find out what animators do when theyre not being watched. And in a companion piece, he interviews Steve Oedekerk about his multifaceted work in animation.

In columns, Dr. Toon shines the spotlight on underrated voice actor Arthur Q. Bryan. Chris Robinson gives a two-fer-one special in this months Animators Unearthed, digging up Chris Shepherds WHO I AM AND WHAT I WHAT and SILENCE IS GOLDEN. In this months Mind Your Business, Mark Simon discusses the three-ring circus that is starting your own business. Many animators dabble in other art forms like writing or fine art. Joseph Gilland writes about balancing creative outlets in this months The Animated Scene. In the Career Coach, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson tackles the toughest request a new hire has to ask their new employer show me the money.

As for reviews, Comic-Con veterans Maxwell Atoms, Liza Copplola, Mark Evanier, Peter Gal, Larry Loc, Steve Marmel. Peter McHugh, Mike Mika and Mike Moon share their take on the annual convention in San Diego with additional vfx happenings reported by Bill Desowitz. Deanna Morse reports back from the Zagreb Animafest, finding a friendly and diverse event for the celebration of animation. Philippe Moins reports about his trip to Morocco for the Meknes Festanim, finding animation from the Maghreb. Libby Reed delves in Angie Jones and Jamie Oliffs new book, THINKING ANIMATION, BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN 2D AND 3D, to see if its a brilliant tome or lost for words. And as always, Taylor Jessen returns with five new short film reviews in this months Fresh from the Festivals.

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