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The latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine has gone live! This issue tackles Internet and wireless. Greg Singer speaks with speaks with several studios and indie artists to learn how they make Flash animation look so good. Rick DeMott talks with Gregg and Evan Spiridellis of JibJab Media and John Evershed of Mondo Media about how two firms vastly different during the dotcom bubble of 2000 have survived and now thrive on the Net. Karen Raugust chronicles how wireless is creating a quiet animation boom. In addition, Raugust looks at how networks and studios look to the Web to support on-air programming, enhance their brands and generate revenues.

Anime expert Fred Patten compares and contrasts the visual spectacles APPLESEED and SKY BLUE. In Part 2 of his "Cowboys and Indies" series, Christopher Panzner looks at how independent producers have to be a vertically-integrated individual as well as a little of a cowboy to survive in the industry.

For our columns, Dr. Toon looks at what film spent its cultural capital better THE INCREDIBLES or SHARK TALE. The Animation Pimp has a year-end reflection and asks, "Well how did I get here?" Nancy Cartwright writes about the true meaning of "taking care of business," with tips on how to keep your career, and life, on track. The Career Coach gives some helpful tips to make the new year truly happy. Plus, we have another excerpt from Gene Deitch's book HOW TO SUCCEED IN ANIMATION.

In reviews, Christopher Harz reports back from CES about what new electronics will be animating our lives in the near future. Taylor Jessen returns with five more short films reviews fresh from the festival circuit. And finally, Greg Singer reviews the new two-disk anthology of Joanna Priestley's work.

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