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Dover Studios Announces New Maya Training Video

Dover Studios announces the launch of their latest Maya training video, Maya 2013 NURBS Modeling.

Halifax, Canada -- Dover Studios launches Maya 2013 NURBS Modeling, their latest visual effects training video.

Maya 2013 NURBS Modeling provides visual effects artists with an introduction to the powerful NURBS modeling tools available in Autodesk Maya. The video features crystal clear 1080p high definition video.

Through many in-depth lessons, visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden, provide numerous tips for efficient NURBS modeling including: how to keep objects organized using the layer editor, how to create accurate scale models using reference images, and countless time saving techniques.

Essential topics include creating curves using control vertices and edit points, using curve primitives, inserting and removing knots from curves, detaching curves using curve points, opening and closing curves, cutting and attaching curves, reversing a curve's direction, arc tools, and creating text.

Discover how to create NURBS surfaces from curves by using the loft, extrude, revolve, and planar surface tools.

Advanced topics include: adjusting surface tessellation and editing NURBS surface components.

All of the modeling techniques are put to use in the final exercise: the creation of a detailed antique lantern using NURBS curves and surfaces. No steps are left out and every detail is explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. 

Source: Dover Studios