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Doug Collins to Keynote DAM Conference

Doug Collins will present the keynote address at Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Conference.

Burbank, CA -- Doug Collins, a renowned author, consultant and innovation architect at Spigit, will present the keynote address at Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Conference in New York on Thursday, September 27. Createasphere’s DAM Conference is an important gathering of respected professionals in asset management, media asset management (MAM), information management, storage, security, and preservation. The events speak to a broad audience in the DAM community, including advertising, broadcasting, entertainment, new media, publishing, non-profits, government, and retail.

Collins is a Community Architect at Spigit, where he consults with Fortune 1000 clients to implement leadership in innovation by applying social media and ideation markets through blended virtual and in-person communities. He plans to present a unique, collaborative keynote at the conference during which attendees will use Spigit’s new crowdsourcing site ICON to contribute to the session’s structure and content in real time.

“The collaborative co-creation of brand is becoming increasingly relevant,” Collins notes, “and the implications of that development are meaningful to people who are running companies. In my work across a number of industries, I see the evolution of organizations who seek a culture of teamwork and inventive thinking. I look forward to engaging the DAM Conference audience in that same spirit.”

Over the past 15 years, Collins has helped organizations navigate the implications and opportunities presented by technology by creating forums, venues, and approaches where groups convene to explore the critical questions facing organizations. In his book Innovation Architecture, Practical Approaches to Theory, Collaboration and Implementation, Collins offers a blueprint for organizations to build an environment of collaborative innovation. He is also a columnist for the publication Innovation Management. He has formed and led a number of front-end initiatives, including executive advisory programs for industry influencers, early adopter programs for lead users, corporate strategic planning, and structured explorations of new market and product opportunities. He spent a number of years at Harris Corporation and at Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (a Siemens Corporation.)

Createasphere’s Conference Manager Mary Yurkovic comments, “We are delighted that Doug will be presenting the keynote. He is one of the most cutting-edge thinkers we’ve ever worked with, and his approach to bringing social media, crowdsourcing, and collaboration is nothing short of brilliant. I am delighted that we are bringing his uncommon perspective to our New York audience.”

The fall Digital Asset Management Conference takes place at the New Yorker Hotel. For more information about Createasphere, the Digital Asset Management Conference and Collins’ keynote, visit

Source: Createasphere