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Dosch Design Drums Up More Texture CDs

Germany-based Dosch Design has announced the release of several new texture collections, further expanding its highly successful line of 3D-animation stock CD-Roms. The most significant addition to the Dosch family of products is a three-bundle set of texture CD-Roms called Dosch Textures Complete. Each of the three bundles is targeted at a specific area of 3D. The first collection, "Character Design," contains animal and creature eyes, human eyes and skin textures. The "Architecture and Design" bundle contains construction materials, industrial-design and reflection-maps. The final collection, "Professional," contains all of the above plus plants, nature, rust, metal, special effects, stone and concrete. The "Character Design" and "Architecture and Design" are made up of three CD-Roms and the "Professional" collection is made up of 10 CDs. Dosch has also announced a "Broadcast" collection aimed specifically at TV stations, TV production and post-production companies and streaming broadcasting and video professionals. This is a collection of very high-resolution textures that professionals in these fields can find particularly useful. For more information on Dosch products visit their Web site at www.

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