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Dora The Explorer Discovers Video Games

NewKidCo International Inc. has entered into a worldwide multi-year agreement with Nickelodeon to publish video games based on the Nick Jr. show DORA THE EXPLORER. The agreement grants NewKidCo the rights to create interactive products for all leading video game systems. The series follows Dora, a young Latina who lives inside a computer and uses her knowledge of English and Spanish to communicate with her friends, overcome obstacles and reach her goals. The series currently airs 11 times a week, both on Nick Jr. and as part of CBS' weekend programming. The first title, scheduled for release in the third quarter 2002, will be developed for the Game Boy Advance system. Gamers, playing as Dora, will go on a pirate's treasure hunt that will take them through different environments. Subsequent games will be available across all platforms, including titles releasing in 2003 and for the duration of the agreement. The games will be distributed throughout North America with distribution into Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim also planned.âº