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Dora The Explorer Debut Sets Nick Ratings Record

Nickelodeons newest series DORA THE EXPLORER debuted as the highest rated show in Nick Jr. history. The Monday, August 14 11 am airing scored an 11.22/43 rating/share (1.3 million viewers) among kids 2-5 years old. To top its own success the second airing of DORA at 11:30 am scored a 12.85/48 rating/share (1.5 million viewers) among kids 2-5 years old. The new series beat out the September 9, 1996 premiere of BLUES CLUES, which scored a 10.68/48 rating/share among the same demographic. Leading up to the debut, Nickelodeon urged preschoolers to help Dora get ready for her TV debut on-line. The unique visitors to the DORA site by the day of the TV launch was 50,000. The primetime airing of DORA at 8 pm also scored the highest rating among kids 2-11 (5.66/22), kids 2-5 (5.35/23) and 6-11 (5.86/21) for that time slot. The series features DORA, a 7-year old bilingual Latino girl who lives in her computer. The animated show is an interactive adventure where children learn Spanish words that help them reach a goal. The show is produced at Nicks Burbank facility.

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