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Doogal Movie Gets Matchmaker Game Promotion

The Weinstein Co. has partnered with to develop the MEET DOOGAL AND FRIENDS MATCHING GAME, an interactive online game and sweepstakes, based on the animated movie, DOOGAL, opening in theaters in the U.S. on Feb. 24, 2006.

Originally released in Europe as SPRUNG: THE MAGIC-ROUNDABOUT, The Weinstein Co. (enjoying box office success with the animated flick HOODWINKED) picked up the picture and had it re-cut it, recorded new voices and renamed it DOOGAL, with U.S. direction by Butch Hartman.

Legend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil wizard, Zeebad (Jon Stewart), escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the Earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to stop Zeebad. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal (Daniel Tay), his friends Dylan (Jimmy Fallon), Brian (William H. Macy) and Ermintrude (Whoopi Goldberg), they embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In their diamond quest, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship the ultimate weapon to combat Zeebad's evil magic.

Visitors to the DOOGAL website and can play the MEET DOOGAL AND FRIENDS MATCHING GAME, which introduces characters from the movie. After matching all of the character images, players may enter the sweepstakes to win DOOGAL posters., a division of Media Data Corp. (MDC), provides free entertainment media content analysis directly to consumers. Based on extensive database-driven technology, which utilizes approximately 4,000 rules and algorithms, a specially trained staff of auditors record instances of profanity, sex, violence, drug use and illegal behavior in current film releases, DVDs, TV programs, radio programs, music videos and videogames. The data then goes through three independent stages of validation for a pretty accurate and comprehensive content analysis. This objective methodology is an alternative to existing industry association-based approaches, which assign ratings based upon the subjective opinions of a select group of individuals employed by their respective industries. supports individual choice based upon one's own personal standards of suitability. The company is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with any political or religious organization.