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Don't miss these new U.S. home entertainment releases

This list of upcoming home entertainment releases includes some new titles,but most of them are new only to DVD. Disney has just re-released ROBINHOOD and ALICE IN WONDERLAND; their live-action RETURN TO OZ, whichincludes some stop-motion by Will Vinton Studios, will be released on DVDand VHS on August 10. Touchstone's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? will bereleased on DVD on September 28. Warner Bros. has just released 1999'sanimated THE KING AND I on both VHS and DVD; WALLACE AND GROMIT: THECOMPLETE COLLECTION (which includes A GRAND DAY OUT, THE WRONG TROUSERS,and A CLOSE SHAVE), Rankin/Bass' stop-motion holiday special RUDOLPH THERED-NOSED REINDEER, and the Eric Fogel-created stop-motion CELEBRITYDEATHMATCH: GREATEST HITS, which includes Noel Gallagher vs. LiamGallagher, Spike Lee vs. Quentin Tarantino, Cindy Crawford vs. JaneaneGarofalo, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon, Adam Sandler vs. ChrisRock, Celine Dion vs. Keith Flint, Nick Diamond vs. Alien, will all bereleased on DVD on September 7. Bandai Entertainment will release twoepisodes of the popular anime TV series COWBOY BEBOP, about outer spacebounty hunters, on VHS on September 14; and Hanna-Barbera's nextfeature-length Scooby-Doo adventure, SCOOBY-DOO AND THE WITCH'S GHOST, willbe released direct-to-video on October 5, just in time for Halloween.