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Don't miss these new anime releases!

Houston, Texas-based ADV Films is releasing GALAXY FRAULEIN YUNA RETURNS onJuly 13 and QUEEN EMERALDAS on July 27 in the US. Both ADV Films titleswill be available in subtitled and dubbed versions. For more informationvisit New York City-based Central Park Media is releasingRECORD OF LODOSS WAR: CHRONICLES OF THE HEROIC KNIGHT - A NEW LEGENDBEGINS, MIDNIGHT PANTHER: GENERAL RELEASE VERSION, and THE SLAYERS NEXT:THE FORBIDDEN DANCE? on August 8 in the US, and RECORD OF LODOSS WAR:CHRONICLES OF THE HEROIC KNIGHT - DEMON SWORD, KNIGHTS OF RAMUNE: TRUEDESTINATION, THE SLAYERS NEXT: SECRET OF THE GIGA SLAVE, and PATLABOR: THEMOBILE POLICE - THE TV SERIES, VOLUME 7 all on September 14 in the US. EachCentral Park title will be available in subtitled and dubbed versions.Iowa-based The Right Stuf International is releasing two moreEnglish-dubbed volumes of THE IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR. BOLDLY GOINGNOWHERE has a US street date of August 31, and ESCAPE TIMES THREE has a USstreet date of September 21. Both volumes include three episodes of theseries.