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Don't Miss Ottawa 2000: North America's Premiere Event

* Tuesday, September 19 Sunday, September 24, 2000. Ottawa, Canada.

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is one of the premiere festivals in the animation community. The festival offers three competitions: independent film/video, commissioned works and Internet animation. The independent competition includes categories: Independent Film/Video Under 50 Minutes, Films for Children, Graduate Film and First Film. In the commissioned competition the entries can be educational, industrial or scientific films, commercials, station/program ids, music videos, TV specials and TV series. This year Flash entries can be submitted via the festivals Web site by providing the films URL. During pre-selection Ottawas committee will visit each of the sites, view the films and make their selections for competition. In the competition, Ottawa will have two prizes: a Grand Prize for Best Internet Animation (selected by the International Jury) and a Public Prize for Best Internet Animation. Computers will be set up during the festival to afford attendees the opportunity to view the films and vote for their choices. People will be able to log onto the Ottawa Festival Web site from home and vote for their favorite films as well. Retrospectives include: From Scratch, A Look Into The Parameters of Film; Computer Animation in the 21st Century; Jazz in Animation; PDI: 20th Anniversary; Bermuda Shorts: Ten Years After; Yvonne Andersen; Tribute to Spike & Mike Fest; Suzanne Gervais; Paul Fierlinger; Pjotr Sapegin; Jan Lenica; George Pal; Gene Deitch; and Chinese Animation. For more information contact the festival at: Tel.: (613) 232-8769 or Web:

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