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This October MIPCOM and MIPCOM Junior will once again bring together thetelevision producers, distributors, buyers, and programmers of the world inCannes, France. MIPCOM Junior takes place October 2-3, and MIPCOM takesplace October 4-8. MIPCOM will also include for the first time a three dayconference on the convergence of TV and Internet from October 4-6.Featuring special keynotes, strategic panels and case studies/workshops,MIPCOM will bring together players from the TV industry, new media networksand technology providers to discuss the future of broadcasting and pioneerthe development of new convergent programming markets. Also, for the thirdtime, Milia, the Content Market for Interactive Media, will present "TheAnimation and Video Games Partnership Forum." The objective of thesenetworking sessions and forums is to bring together publishers, producersand developers of interactive products to promote partnerships. Thisinitiative has enabled major animation players such as Gaumont Multimedia,Saban and Dupuis to present their projects to the gaming industry's biggesthitters like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Infogrames. The Reed MidemOrganisation's new MIP Interactive site, at, offersits subscribers a full-service Web site with access to a database of over7800 programs, 933 companies, and a total of 970 buyers. Visitors canconsult daily updated news services on different topics includinganimation, (provided by AWN), and youth programs. For more informationabout the market contact Reed Midem Organisation, 11 rue du Colonel PierreAvia, 75015 Paris, France; Tel. + 33 (0) 1 41 90 45 80; Fax. + 33 (0) 1 4190 45 70; E-mail:; or visit:

Read MIPCOM consultant Frederique Doumic's answers her most frequentlyasked questions regarding the merging of the gaming and animationindustries.

Also read Deborah Todd's "Milia 1998: Towards Convergence?" to see ifanimation and multimedia producers really learned to work together at lastyear's forum.