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Don't Miss the Latest Animation World Magazine Acrobat Edition!

It has arrived -- the latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine. This issue covers the business of animation. John Cawley lays out the rules of the funny game of animation budgeting. Chara Campanella talks to Josh Selig, Stephanie Graziano and Tom Tataranowicz about what it takes to make the leap from a solo entity to studio owner. Campanella also talks with independent animation producers about how they found funding so that you can turn your big idea into a reality.

Additionally, Taylor Jessen profiles the five animated shorts nominees for the 2007 Academy Awards. Janet Hetherington looks into how the cutting-edge, animated futuristic worlds and images of the SKYLAND series were conceived and achieved.

In this month's column, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman gives some sound financial advice -- whatever you spend, spend it on animation. In this month's "Mind Your Business," Mark Simon busts the starving artist myth and spares more than a dime for the working animator. Joseph Gilland puts aside his usual column to reflect upon the recently departed Ryan Larkin, whom he considered a great friend and inspiration. "Career Coach" Pamela Kleibrink Thompson lays out the four P's for career success.

In reviews, Jan Nagel and Sarah Baisley break down the large and small of their experiences at NATPE 2007. Mary Ann Skweres travels to Slamdance and sings the tune of the best animation slate she has witnessed in the past four years. Skweres also finds creative risk-taking, diversity, aesthetic innovation and independent artistic expression at Sundance. In anime reviews, Chris Feldman takes a look at TOKKO, VOLUME 1, BEST STUDENT COUNCIL V.1 "A NEW HOME" and AIR GEAR V.1 "EAST SIDE SHOWDOWN." In this month's "Press Start," Peter Rizkalla reviews GEARS OF WAR, WARIOWARE: SMOOTH MOVES, OKAMI and ELITE BEAT AGENTS and finds out which titles have a shot at winning big at the upcoming GDC Awards. And as always, Taylor Jessen has five new animated shorts reviews in "Fresh from the Festivals."

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