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Don't Miss Bristol's Animated Encounters

Don't Miss Bristol's Animated Encounters April 25- 28, 2002. The 3rd Animated Encounters Festival runs April 25-28, 2002 at the Watershed Media Center in Bristol, England. Showcasing dozens of British and international cartoons, this year's event also includes IMAX screenings and discussions with representatives from DreamWorks, Cinesite and Varga. Among the highlights will be an appearance by THE SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening, who will talk about his ten favorite cartoons. The festival also offers Industry Day, with panels on film financing and the state of British animation, as well as masterclasses on new technology and surviving as an animation director. Among the animation program offerings are "Brit Pix" featuring British animation and an International Showcase program that includes many of this year's Oscar nominees along with some world premieres. Other programs include experimental animation from CalArts, "Belgian Panorama," presenting recent work from Belgium and "Forbidden Animation," screening a range of censored films. Also on hand will be Sue Rowe of Cinesite, discussing effects seen in movies such as ERIN BROCKOVICH and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, and Varga and DreamWorks insiders will give tips on how to present one's work. The event ends with a last program, "And the Winner is...," where the audience votes which of the featured films should be nominated for the Cartoon D'Or. For more information and to view the entire program go to the Animated Encounters Website at