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Don't miss the 2nd Annual Worldfest-Flagstaff International Film Festival

The 2nd Annual Worldfest-Flagstaff International Film Festival. Worldfest,which has been held in Houston for 32 years and additionally in Charleston,South Carolina for five years, takes place in Flagstaff, Arizona, thefestival's second appearance there. The festival's focus is on independentworks that have not yet been picked up for distribution. The widecompetition program features eight animation categories and several others,which may accept animated works, such as "computer generated/mixed media."The events takes place Friday, November 5 - Sunday, November 14 inFlagstaff, Arizona, USA. For more information contact: Worldfest, P.O Box56566, Houston, Texas 77256-6566, USA; Tel. (713) 965-9955; Fax: (713)965-9960; or E-mail: