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Don't miss the 1999 AICP Show

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers' (AICP) Eighth AnnualAICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Television Commercial,debuted at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City on June 9th, and willtour in the United States and internationally until April 2000. The showconsists of about fifty live-action and animated spots. Selections weremade by more than 400 judges throughout the US, as well as a panel composedof members of the industry from advertising agencies, production companies,and editorial shops. Honors went to up to three commercials in each of 22categories, among which were visual style, cinematography, humor,animation, talent/performance, sound design, and advertising excellence insingle commercials, as well as campaigns. The show honors several spotsthat feature digital effects. These include ILM's First Union Bank"Launch," directed by Steve Beck, which won for Production Design andVisual Effects, as well as First Union Bank "Noise," and First Union Bank"Cityscape," both by ILM and Steve Beck. Three animated commercials areincluded. They are Mazda "Cool World" by Rhythm & Hues Studios, directed byCharlie Watson; Maryland Lottery "Diner," by Will Vinton Studios, directedby Skeets McGrew; and Cool from Nestea "Ksiki-Mart," by Bolexbrothers,directed by Dave Borthwick. Founded in 1972, the AICP represents companiesthat specialize in producing commercials for advertisers and agencies. Theassociation has national offices in New York and Los Angeles and eightregional chapters across the nation.

Here are the current touring dates for the show:

United StatesJuly 19: Walker Art Center, MinneapolisAugust 2, Armand Hammer Museum, Los AngelesSeptember 9: High Museum of Art, AtlantaSeptember 29: SFMoMA, San FranciscoNovember 4: MiamiNovember 13: Honolulu Academy of ArtNovember 18: Chicago Historical SocietyTBD: Lakewood Theater, DallasTBD: St. Louis

InternationalSeptember 15: Astronomical Observatory, Katowice, PolandOctober 10-Jan. 31,2000: Polish Festival of Advertising (RozmaitosciTheatre, Warsaw; National Film Theatre, Warsaw; State Gallery of Art,Sopot; State Gallery of Art, Bielsko-Biala ; Center of Art & Culture, Lodz;State Gallery of Art, Czestochowa; State Gallery of Art, Krakow; StateGallery of Art, Bialystok; State Gallery of Art, Poznan.)December 9: The Museum of Modern Art, Prague;TBD: Venue TBD, Tokyo;April 8, 2000: VGIK - State Russian Film and TV School, Moscow, RussiaTBD: Hong Kong Arts CentreApril 10-13, 2000: 5th Golden Wolf Festival, Minsk, Belarus

For more information, call (212) 475-2600.