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The latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now available. Its free for a limited time only! This months issue tackles the topic of comics, comic strips and illustrations. Jim Korkis uncovers the secret life of animators, who in lean times or more prosperous times have all worked in the world of comicbooks. Korkis also speaks with Floyd Gottfredson, who brought Mickey Mouse to the world via daily comic strips. Joe Strike looks into the art and artists behind classic and contemporary movie posters. Karen Raugust looks at how comicbook and childrens book illustrators are trying their hand at animation, and vice versa. Additionally, Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley have given AWN an excerpt from their latest book, HOW TO CREATE COMICS FROM SCRIPT TO PRINT.

Moreover, we have Joe Strike following the journey of Iceboxs QUEER DUCK from its early webisodes to its new coming out party on DVD. Marisa Materna chats with director Richard Linklater on the production of A SCANNER DARKLY, which utilizes interpolated rotoscoping to bring live-action footage into an animated dream world. John Cawley talks with Texans John A. Davis and Keith Alcorn of DNA Prods. about collaborating like a colony with the studios on the big screen adaptation of THE ANT BULLY. Alain Bielik reports how Sony Pictures Imageworks combined performance capture and keyframe animation to create a unique hybrid style in MONSTER HOUSE.

In our columns, Dr. Toon examines the connections between OVER THE HEDGE and AMERICAN IDOL that lie secretly below the surface. In this months Animators Unearthed, Chris Robinson sees Run Wrakes RABBIT. This months Mind Your Business Takes a darker tone with Mark Simon channeling the death dealer of business to explain the 80/20 rule. In this months Animated Scene, Joseph Gilland gives readers a sneak peek at his upcoming book, ELEMENTAL MAGIC: THE CLASSICAL ART OF HAND-DRAWN EFFECTS ANIMATION. In her bi-monthly column, Nancy Cartwright wants to find out more about you the reader. In addition, the Career Coach advises readers on how to tackle job fairs.

In reviews, Philippe Moins attends the 2006 Annecy Festival, giving us his impressions of the films and an apparent return of British filmmakers. Sarah Baisley reports on her experiences at Annecy 2006 where the MIFA market showcased more excitement than the festival. Lisa Goldman was invited to be a judge at the Mumbai Intl Film Festival, where she discovered a new world of animation in the city formerly known as Bombay, the center of Bollywood. Karen Raugust reports back on the growing trends at this years Licnesing Show. And as always, Taylor Jessen returns with five more short film reviews in Fresh from the Festivals.

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