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Dogmatic And Coolbirth Investigate Can Caper For Pepsi

NewYork-based production company Dogmatic has created a 60-secondanimated and live-action commercial for Pepsi, now airing in morethan 3,000 movie theaters nationwide. Featuring live-action footageof Britney Spears behind-the-scenes in production of the Pepsicommercial "Now and Then," the new spot, titled "Can Caper," framesthe live-action footage with an animated story where a basictelevision turns into a curvaceous femme fatale and a mysteriousmasked man is revealed to be a can of Pepsi. The animation was doneby Coolbirth using Flash MX. This is the third time Dogmatic has usedthe original Britney/Pepsi footage. The company originally filmedbehind-the-scenes of "Now and Then" for broadcast public relationspurposes. They then created the "Britney and the Pepsi Time Machine"six-part Web series, which featured "Now and Then" B-roll footagealong with an animated storyline where Britney travels through timevia a Pepsi machine. On the added value of re-purposing originalcontent in creative ways, Laurel Harris, co-founder and creativedirector of Dogmatic commented, "Conceiving advertising in asingle-spot format of 30-seconds can be constraining, on budgets aswell as for the 'big idea.' The Internet has spawned new thinking onhow to create brand recognition, and Pepsi is allowing us to show ourbest hand in reaching consumers with new formats and mediums thatre-focus great material already generated." Credits for Dogmaticinclude executive producers Laurel Harris and Michael Santorelli,senior producer Nick Jones and line producer Ryan Elsemore. Animationby Coolbirth: Cassady Benson, David Landa and Michael Pilero.Live-action B-roll directed by Michael Santorelli.