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Dog Fetches Siena Grand Prize

For the first time ever an animated film has been awarded the Grand Prix at Siena. Suzie Templeton's heart-breaking puppet-animation short DOG notched up another win at the 2002 edition of the International Short Film Festival Siena in Italy. DOG was Templeton's MA graduation film at The Royal College of Art in England. It has received numerous international awards including the Hiroshima Prize 2002, the Holland Animation Festival Narrative Grand Prix 2002, the British Animation Awards Paul Berry Award 2002 and the BAFTA for Short Animation 2002. The Grand Prix was awarded by a jury of Gilles Colpart, Abi Feijò, Jerzy Kucia, Paola Starakis and Maximum Hammerings. The jury also awarded the Special Prize for Animated Film to Italy's Roberto Catani LA FUNAMBOLA (THE TIGHT-ROPE WALKER).