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DMTS Offers Macromedia Flash MX Training

Magnet Media's latest training title in its Digital Media Training Series (DMTS), INSIDE FLASH MX PRODUCTION ESSENTIALS, is now available in both its Limited and Complete Versions on CD-ROM format. The 40-minute Limited Version CD-ROM is available free through the company's Website. The 3-hour Complete Version, also available from the Website, instructs viewers on the essential topics that need to be mastered in order to get up and running quickly with Macromedia Flash. Led by Macromedia Flash instructor MD Dundon, INSIDE FLASH MX PRODUCTION ESSENTIALS gives users insight into using the improved Macromedia Flash MX interface, the proper set-up of documents through the use of MX's newest templates, how to create illustrations in Flash using the new free transform tool, as well as instruction on creating various types of animations by examining motion, shape and color effect tweening. INSIDE FLASH MX PRODUCTION ESSENTIALS Complete Version is offered on CD-ROM format for either Mac or Windows operating systems through the Magnet Media web site at The 3-hour training, normally priced at US$199.99 is on sale until May 31, 2002 for US$149.99.