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DLP Cinema Projection Technology Supported The Aviator

Texas Instruments DLP Cinema technology, the digital cinema projection system deployed in movie theaters worldwide, played a supporting role during the production and post-production process for Martin Scorseses THE AVIATOR, which garnered 11 Oscar nominees.

A Christie 2K DLP Cinema projector provided the visual effects team at Sony Pictures Imageworks with the ability to immediately view color correction passes serving as a valuable tool while they painted the desired look of the Howard Hughes era and gave a futuristic look to aviation. In addition, an NEC DLP Cinema projector at Scorsese's home in New York enabled him to remotely view digital dailies and recommend alterations to the visual fidelity of each scene.

"THE AVIATOR provides a truly awe-inspiring visual experience and exemplifies the visual capabilities that digital tools provide moviemakers," said Doug Darrow, business manager for DLP Cinema.

DLP Cinema-equipped projectors are currently in use at more than 30 leading post-production facilities; in addition to 25 test labs and screening rooms worldwide.

TI DLP Cinema ( projection technology has been exposed to more than 21 million moviegoers throughout the world. The total number of installed DLP Cinema projectors is now more than 275, with theaters located in 26 countries around the world. More than 140 movies have been released on DLP Cinema projectors, including: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE POLAR EXPRESS, SHREK AND SHREK 2, FINDING NEMO, COLLATERAL and STAR WARS: EPISODES I AND II.