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Disney's Toontown Online Unleashes Pets in Tooniverse

Disney Online has unleashed pets called Doodles in Toontown (, the award-winning, massively multiplayer 3D online game for families. With this latest extension of the game, members of Toontown can adopt a variety of outrageous creatures to play with and raise as pets.

Doodles are available now for adoption in exchange for jellybeans, the currency of Toontown online. They can be found at newly unveiled Pet Shops located in each of the Toontown neighborhood playgrounds.

Doodles live at players homes and need care like real pets. Once trained, Doodles are capable of doing tricks that improve players' in-game health by making them laugh. Players communicate with their Doodles using phrases in the games' kid-friendly SpeedChat function, a menu-based tool, which gives players several layers of pre-written phrases.

"One of the benefits of online games is that we can continually create new features to keep game play fresh and exciting for our players," said Steve Parkis, vp of premium products for Disney Online. "The addition of pets brings several new dimensions to the game, including: nurturing, training and a new kind of socialization."

Toontown is available for download at for $9.95 per month. It is also available as a subscription gift card with a CD-ROM at and major retailers nationwide. Longer-term memberships are available at reduced rates and, for consumers who prefer to try before they buy, there is a three-day free trial period available at

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