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Disney's Iger Calls Brand Depth Key to Effective Globalization

Disney President and CEO Robert A. Iger discussed his views on globalization and technology at a luncheon yesterday with members and guests of the Pacific Council on International Policy. Iger stressed that building brand identity is important for the American entertainment industry, especially when branching out globally, and that identifying "local tastes and market trends" is important for global industry, especially in the growing markets of China, Russia and India. Being apolitical and attuned to local markets, according to Iger, has been advantageous to the Walt Disney Company, whose most recent animated film, RATATOUILLE, was produced in 45 languages.

The discussion was led by Pacific Council Member and Motion Picture Association of America President and COO Robert Pisano. Pacific Council co-chair and Chairman and CEO of Edison International John Bryson presided over the event. Bryson announced the upcoming winter 2008 launch of the Pacific Council's Media and Entertainment Committee, which will focus on the entertainment industry's impact on international policy and engage in programs and events similar to this one in the future.

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