Disney's Go.com Goes In A New Direction

On Thursday, January 27, 2000, Disney announced their decision to change

the direction of their Go.com from an all purpose portal and search engine

like AOL.com, Lycos and Yahoo! to strictly an entertainment and leisure

destination. This announcement comes on the same day as The U.S. Court of

Appeals for the Ninth Circuit repealed the stay [AF 12/7/99] on a previous

injunction that bans the use of Go.com's green and yellow traffic light

logo. Disney was given the stay to allow them the chance to remove the logo

from all their sites on the Internet. The final ruling on the fate of

Go.com's logo will be decided in March. As reported [AF 11/16/99], the

search engine GoTo.com sued Disney for copyright infringement on their

similar traffic light logo. Go.com pres. Steve Wadsworth hopes the

restructuring will allow the site to stand out in the heavy competition for

traffic on the Net and focus on highlighting Disney's entertainment

properties like Disney films, ABC News and ESPN. This decision comes after

Go.com reported close to a US$1 billion loss in 1999 [AF 12/14/99], due

primarily to the purchase of search engine Infoseek.

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